Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Mario Brothers bringing families together

I've loved Super Mario Brothers games since the first Nintendo back when I was a kid, and their world was flat and when you died it took you back to the beginning of the game. So when I found the newer versions they have out now for  the Wii, I was geeked. I wanted them not just for me (to be honest I really wanted to play those games) but to share in all that was fabulous about that evil Bowser fighting, Italian plumber Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach ( you know the chick who can't seem to stop getting kidnapped), and all the crazy looking dudes that live in their world.

It started about 2 years ago when they got the Wii system & The Super Mario Wii  game along with a few other games. They played Mario here and there but they just weren't into it like I was. My daughter enjoyed playing it more than my son,  he was only 3 and little  young for it. So the girl and I would play now and then,  but it was more a game I played when no one was around. Then they saw previews for Super Mario Galaxy 2 ( I didn't even know a Super Mario Galaxy 1 existed) but that game they wanted. We waited awhile to see if they mentioned it again and they did, several times.So for Christmas this year they got Mario Galaxy 2.

This game has been a huge success with both kids and myself. The graphics are pretty amazing and the colors are great. The levels and worlds are something else. The kids and I love playing and trying to figure out what's going to happen next, or what in the world the creators were thinking when they came up with a particular part of the game.

There are a few down sides to the game though we love to play together and to be honest multilayer mode is less than spectacular. You can only play with 2 players and the player 2 part is very limited, you have very little independent movement from player 1, if player 1 dies so does player 2.  It's an ideal part for my 4 year old to play but my 9 year old wants to play with me and she want a little bigger part in the game than to be a helper star as my kids call it. 

We have worked out a solution for the most part. The girl and I take turns being Mario so we each get to be the head guy and really because the girl is way better at some things than me. Who knew my kid would be able to school me on one of my favorite games. While we take turns with Mario the boy is the helper star, and sometimes the girl will take turns with him if I'm being Mario. He doesn't like being Mario yet so we pretty much just let him keep his controller.

We don't spend all of our time in front of this game by any means but right now it's winter and we live in the state shaped like a mitten. We also just got a ton of snow, and it currently snowing again. My kids don't love snow,I totally don't love snow, so they'll play in it a couple times, but other than that were inside so if I can find something that we all enjoy doing together and were getting along, well I'm all for it. So right now I'm thanking the heavens above for the makers of Mario Galaxy 2 because it has made plenty of crappy, cold, gray days go a whole lot smoother and stopped a lot of screaming and bickering not to mention helped make some amazing family memories.

I'm not endorsing hours of video game play, but if your sitting down as a family and interacting with one another that I'm endorsing.

Disclaimer: I received no form of compensation from Nintendo (or whoever else it would be) and the opinions stated here are solely mine

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