Saturday, September 24, 2011

When puberty strikes

My princess is 9,her next birthday is about 5 months away and she'll be the dreaded double digits. I really haven't been that worried about this age, not like I worry about the impending teen years.

But I've noticed some changes lately that have made me realize the teen years aren't that far off, and she doesn't need to be a teenager to have things start happening that are freaking me out a little.

A couple days ago as she was getting dressed I walked in her room to hurry her along, (she is so slow in the mornings I'm starting to think maybe getting her up and hour earlier is necessary)so I walk in and notice these 2 little points poking out of her shirt. Well hell really she's only 9, I grab a cami and tell her to put it on under her current shirt and sure enough there's 2 pointy little nips poking out. What? When did this happen? This is my baby girl right? When did all this growing up start? Where the hell do I find a sports bra in her size?

At least now I am starting to understand her mood swings and emotional outbursts a little better. But cripes I thought I had a few more years. So I talked to a friend of mine with 3 girls one of which is the princesses bff, and 2 that are older and she informed me that nope it can start this early and even more fun is in store within the next 2 years. Lovely.

We've already had the talk about what she can expect when she gets her period. We had this talk for many reasons one is because the girls in our family do tend to develop young but not quite this young. I just keep hoping that this is a really slow process. But if the last few months are any indication of what we can expect it so won't be as slow as I want it to be.

I can just imagine how much fun the next oh say 5 or 6 years are going to be around here. For now I'll be planning a shopping trip for some mini sized bras oh what fun.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Choosing to let go

Some friendships last forever, some for a short period of time. Sometimes they're worth fighting for with everything you have, other times you have to make the decision to let it go and walk away.

I've recently been faced with one of these choices in this particular instance I'm going with the latter. I thought this person was a good friend I've been there for them through some serious amounts of bs in their life. But when someone decided to go all kinds of high school and bring my name into their family drama instead of talking to me like a true friend this persons first reaction was to turn on me and accuse me of things I didn't say or do. I chose not to fall into this crap, I told them I did nothing wrong,but if they wanted to throw our friendship away over this that was their choice, I wished them well and told them I was done, and that's exactly where I stand.

Since I made position clear this person has sent me several messages wanting answers at this point I refuse to respond any further. I understand they've had a rough life and have trust issues but I wont be dragged into these kind of dramatic high school games no matter who is behind them. I have more than enough going on in my own life to worry about my friends turning on me too.

It's sad and I'm sorry to say goodbye to someone I once considered a good friend but sometimes that's just the choice that has to be made. I have to do what's best for my own life and family. I wish this person the best in life and hope that they can find peace and happines in their family, unfortunately I just can't be apart of that lif any longer.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New name same great Becky

I'm sure a couple of you noticed there was a change of name on my blog. I figured I should give a quick explanation. I received a very cordial cease an desist order, in the form of an email stating that apparently my previous blog name is already in use and has been for some time. So being the nice person I am I changed my blog name and url.I didn't really have a choice the person who had already been using it has had it since 2006 and it really is only right. She was pretty nice about it too. So if you follow me please be sure to update in you feed etc.

In happier news I finally figured out how to blog from my nook and android so there will be more posts coming in the near future.