Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The political war on women ~It starts with healthcare, but where will it end~

I usually try to stay away from most things political. I'll be the first to admit I don't fully understand all the legal jargon, but as a woman and a mother I just can't stand back with my mouth closed any longer. Every day I read or hear something more disturbing and we females are the target of this bullshit.

For years there have been raging debates about abortion. I've personally never had one, but I do know a couple people who have. That was a choice they felt they had to make at that time in their life. It was a choice that wasn't made lightly, and it was a choice that was only theirs to make. I don't feel anyone has the right to make that choice for another, no matter what your beliefs are you don't have the right to push them on another. You don't know where someone is in their life or in their head. Yes there are women who would love to have a baby and can't, who would happily raise that one, it still comes down to it's her body and her choice. There are all kinds of arguments for pro-choice and pro-life it all comes down to individual beliefs and choices. You choose for you and I'll choose for me. That's what free will is all about.

Now we have issues like no health insurance coverage for abortion. Ok my personal opinion here is unless it's for a medical necessity, such as the health of the mother is in jeopardy, or in the case of rape or incest, that insurance should not have to cover abortion.  I'm not sure about anyone elses views on this, but that's mine. But now there are certain lawmakers trying to change the definition of rape to only force able rape.   So unless you've been beaten you will no longer be covered? Rape is rape, weather you were beaten, drugged, fought back or not. In some cases a rape victim is so afraid they don't fight because they are just to terrified or there is a weapon being held on them, what about the victim of incest? Should any of these victims be forced to carry a pregnancy full term that came from a crime committed against them because some fat, pompous bureaucrat didn't feel that what they went through was traumatic enough to be considered "rape". The wounds these women and girls suffer may not be visible to the naked eye but they are there just the same and are only going to be made that much worse by being forced to either a) carry an unwanted pregnancy full term or b) seek out a back alley abortion that they can afford that may possibly cause them further damage or even  death.

There has also been bills introduced in congress that will allow doctors and hospitals to deny abortions as health saving measures to pregnant women who could quite possible die if the pregnancy continues. So in other words if the doctor or hospital decides the life of the unborn child is more important than that of the mother oh well. Mom could quite possibly forfeit her life and there is no legal recourse because again some asshole in the government decided she wasn't that important anyway.

Congress is also trying to end all federal funding for Planned Parenthood. I know many pro-lifers would like everyone to believe that Planned Parenthood is an abortion machine. They're not. These clinics help so many low income women and teens across America. With things like birth control, cancer screenings, low cost yearly exams, pregnancy planning and care as well as adoption help and yes if you choose that route abortion choices. This one hits close to home for me. As a teen I used the resources they offered from getting my low cost yearly exams, and cheap birth control  and free condoms (which helped keep me from becoming a statistic). When I was 21 and took a home pregnancy test that came out positive it was to Planned Parenthood I first went to get my blood test and letter to help me get insurance. Not once did they try to convince me to abort my child. They loaded me up with information on how to stay healthy and resources to help me as my pregnancy progressed. They did inform me of my options, but that's what they are there for to help women and teens get all the information and health resources that they can.

I also read recently that a bill was introduced in South Dakota making it legal to kill an abortion doctor if you disagree with the abortion. To this I say WTF. So you call abortion murder, but this is ok. A woman can't choose to end the life of a group of cells growing inside her own body, but you can now choose to end the life of a living breathing fully grown human being that has a life, family, and probably children of their own that are also living breathing human beings? Seems to me there are some seriously screwed up priorities not to mention not quite right in the head people in the government of that state.

Today I read North Carolina introduced a bill to establish "choose life license plates" which will create funding for "crisis pregnancy centers" you know the ones that will blatantly lie to women about how far along they are, about how abortions are performed, and any number of other things just to keep them from making an informed choice with their own bodies. If they aren't offering funding for Planned parenthood should they really be funding these types of clincs?

I'm sure there are more I've missed here and I may have not gotten these exactly right but this is the gist of it. Basically the government is out to put women and our health back in the dark ages and once they've done that it's only a matter of time before they find ways to start taking all of our hard fought for rights away. There is a reason for seperation of church and state and this craziness going on today is it. When men get it in their heads that they know whats best for a woman and her body there is a major problem, everyone of these men need to be removed from office and someone needs to start telling them what they can and can't do for awhile. Let them see how it feels to be treated like a second class citizen.

It's time for these men to realize without women they wouldn't exist, we are just as important as them and we deserve the same rights as them. We deserve, no we demand the right to have the say over what is done with our bodies and our health because we know better than some man what is best for us. What does a man know about being pregnant? What right does anyone have to tell you or me we must go through with a pregnancy we don't want for any reason? What right does anyone have to say well the babies life is more important than the life of the mother? What right does anyone have to say my religious beliefs are more important than your health?

H.R.3. No Tax Payer Funding for abortion act

H.R 358  Protect Life ACT

H.R 217 Title X Abortion Provide prohibition act

South Dakota Moves to Legalize Killing of Abortion Providers

Choose Life license plate

So ladies educate yourselves, talk about it, tweet, blog, put it on your facebook. Write and call your state officials make your voices be heard before they find a way to silence us all. There are far more of us than them if we stick together and stand up for ourselves and our rights they won't win.


  1. Hi Becky :)

    I read the article you are referring to last night and feel I need to set the record straight...at least from my point of view.

    This article is bogus. I looked up most of these stories, including links, and most of it is pure propoganda. IMO

    I don't have an opinion on the issue of abortion, but I do respect the rights of those who don't want their tax dollars paying for them. Where's "their" ...choice? THIS is the whole issue!

    There is no Republican War on Women. That's ridiculous. Abortion IS big business and the majority of it is government funded. BTW government doesn't earn its own money, it "takes" other peoples.

    I wonder if people realize the history of Planned Parenthood and how it got started. Founder Margaret Sanger was a proponent of eugenics. It was organized to prevent the "undesirables" from taking over.



    I have no problem with birth control funding, but federally funded abortions should not be an option. Let them raise their own funds from people who "choose" to support it with their dollars.

    Hope I haven't made enemies here ;)

  2. Dana I wasn't actually referring to any one article in particular the title of my post was a coincidence. I did see the article your talking about after I posted but that wasn't what was behind it. As for the links they were for the bills that have currently been introduced in congress.
    My point wasn't just about abortion though it did play a part it was about women's health care in general and how with a few words placed in those bills our lives can be placed in jeopardy.
    I do agree with you that taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for just any abortion for an unwanted pregnancy, but I think that in certain cases such as if the mothers life is at risk or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest (forced) that insurance weather it's government (taxpayer funded) or private should be covered. If I have a heart attack insurance will cover it, if I am in an auto accident it will be covered, but if I'm having a complicated pregnancy that may take my life there's a good chance it won't be. That's not fair to me or the children I already have that need me. That's what I was trying to say.

    As for Planned Parenthood I don't believe they should be given federal funds to perform abortions but that's not the only thing their clinics are there for. I know this because I personally used their services as a low income teen, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have gotten some of the medical attention I needed at that age. If there needs to be stipulations to the funding fine, but they need to be there for the people who count on them. Regardless of what they started out as they have done good for the women and teens that utilize their services.

    These are just my opinions and no worries you didn't make any enemies because regardless of weather you agree with what I said here at least were talking and that's what I wanted more than anything. For women to start talking and to educate themselves. Don't take my word for it investigate and look into it. Watch the news and listen to your lawmakers. Inform youselves, and don't let the government take anything from us and our daughters.

  3. I guess I get a little upset when I see headlines such as the one this one has. The article that I read was entirely one sided and at the least, misleading. The facts were distorted, in order to influence one's thoughts and beliefs in one certain direction, and not fairly presented.

    As for the matter of law language, the changes that are being proposed are specifically for clearing up the loopholes that already exist in these laws in order to STOP government funding of abortion. As I said, THAT is the issue.

    I don't see it at all as a war on women. That is pure propaganda imo. Who is fighting the war? Men against women? Do you realize how many women now hold office? Many of them are in favor of these amendments.

    I wholly agree we need to educate ourselves and stay informed on what lawmakers are doing, many times on the sly. I consider myself a watchdog of sorts and try to be fair and balanced. It's too easy to get sucked into one side's viewpoint .... not healthy for anybody.

    Thx for letting me share, Becky. BTW, are you ready for your Scentsy? I emailed you ;)

  4. P.S. I shared this page on my FB ;)

  5. I understand I appreciate you sharing your point of view and thank you as well for sharing on FB. I'll email you to figure out the scentsy.