Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometime's you just have to vent

Like 5 million other people I have a facebook page. I update it daily, sometimes multiple times a day. My posts can be random thoughts, updates on my day or little rants if I'm annoyed. Being as the hubs is the person I spend the most time with besides the kids a good number of post end up being about him, including ones that are semi complainy (I know not a word, but I like it) he knows this and thinks it's kinda funny. As long as I'm not putting like everything out there were good. Complaint post about the hubs are by no means the majority of what makes up my profile but there there, splattered though out  and this has never been a problem. If my husband doesn't care then no big deal right ? One would think.

Today started out like any other morning. I was rudely awoken by my inconsiderate alarm clock, stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen where I fired up the laptop and my coffee. I hop online to check my FB, Twitter and a few essentials for RL and boom a real life issue that's enough to tick off any wife at anytime of day, but first thing in the morning with no coffee in ya yet and still working through the first cigarette. I won't get into the details of what the situation was but it was a justifiable reason to be pissy. I couldn't confront the hubs about it as he was sleeping, and rather than being nasty and throat punching him awake I did what many a pissy woman does and hit FB and dared to tell my friends on there my hubs was on my shitlist. For shame I'm a terrible wife apparently. I was told he was the bread winner and I should give him more credit. (Wow really) And in a more indirect ( aka the cowardly way known as posting on your own wall instead of commenting directly on the person your bashings wall) told To "quit doggin my man, no one want's to hear it,Get off the computer and get a life, If it was me you would be looking for somewhere else to live." (again wow) Nothing I said was out of line, nothing I said wasn't anything my husband doesn't know about so why are you judging me.

I'm in no way dogging my husband. The man means the world to me, and I'm fully aware of how good I have it. I know how good of a man he is and I appreciate that. Just because I make a negative remark from time to time you have no idea the positive that goes on every single day. Anymore than you can know or understand the complexities of the drama. I'm allowed after 13 years next month with this man to vent when he frustrates me, and guess what so is he.I know I frustrate him and I know when he gets to work he bitches to his buddies about me when I'm driving him up a wall. I'm cool with it at least then he's not bitchin at me. I hate when he's grouchy I'd rather he get it out of his system.

It doesn't mean that we don't appreciate each other, or have respect for each other. The hubs and I we've been though so much together people don't even know. To even think from a few Fb post here and there they know anything about the kind of relationship we have and how and why it works, or think they can judge what kind of wife I am who's really the one with the problem? We didn't make it this far by accident, so we must be doing something right.

Note: This was actually written a couple days ago but I wanted to give myself a couple days to cool off before I posted it. I still feel the point is relevant. You can't judge someone from a few Facebook status updates, hell you really shouldn't judge someone regardless. If you don't live their life you have no idea what the situation is, or why they feel the way they do or say the things they do. Worry about what goes on in your own home and let them deal with what goes on in theirs. I could have retaliated and said some really rude things back about the people who thought it was ok to give me crap about things they knew nothing about, and at least what I would have been saying would have been based on fact but I didn't because it's not my business.


  1. Oh Hell naw. How about quit reading my page if you don't like it. Uggghh! Glad I found ya! I think we are a bit alike so I'ma look around here.

  2. I deleted because that was pretty much my response. And please look around I love your blog I found you a couple months ago and your one of the first I look for when I check my RSS