Monday, January 3, 2011

Moms taxi service will be riding again

I'm stoked that schools back in session the Christmas break about did me in. By day 2 fighting had ensued and didn't waiver the entire 2 weeks of break. Ok so there was a few moments of peace, they were called the middle of the night when the sweet wee ones finally passed out after hours of running amok and seeing how far up the wall they could drive their already half insane mother.

So yes like after 3 months of summer break I am beyond ecstatic that school has resumed. What I'm not all gung ho about is that now my taxi service shall ride again. Before break my daughter had me running 3 days a week. Monday is Hawaiian dance class, every Tuesday is Pom-pom and Every third Tuesday is garden club right after school then on Friday is another dance class this one is Jazz. I felt she might have been over extending it a bit but she was keeping up and she wanted all of so I figured if she was happy and it wasn't affecting anything no problems.

Then the second from the last day of school before break she informs me she wants to sign up for drama club after school. Not only does she want this she begs and pleads. So I relent as long as it doesn't interfer with the other activities she's already committed to or her school work. Then I find out this is going to take up 3 days a week. My third grader now has no free days during the week. She will be involved in no less than one activity a day every day of the week. Which means I will be running her and her brother around every day of the week, to school, from school and back and forth from several different activities. Oh and lets not forget appointments like the orthodontist, doctor, and dentist.

Now my son who is only in preschool is starting to show an interest in getting involved in some kind of extra curricular activity as well. I'm not sure when or how I'm going to get him to whatever he decides to join but I'm hoping I can find a clinic that will clone me so that I can get someone to do all this extra running around. I use to like driving but that was before I became moms taxi service.


  1. When you find that cloning clinic, be sure to email me the particulars. No price is too high!

  2. Sandra I'll post the info as soon as I find it. If you run across it first please do the same. These kids are wearing me out.