Sunday, January 2, 2011

100 things you don't know (and probably didn't realize you wanted to know)

1. I have 2 brothers named Shawn Michael both are half brothers one shares the same father with me and one shares the same mother with me neither are related to each other
 2. I have 2 younger sisters I call my M&M's
 3. I turned 30 this year
 4.I've been with my hubs for almost 13 years and married for almost 9
5.I'm totally a love child, my parents were never married (to each other) and I'm cool with that, if your not oh well
6.Fuck is my all time favorite word in the English language, it can be used in so many ways, I however don't find it super amusing when my 4 year old says it so I'm thinking it may be time to implement a swear jar
7.I use to claim I was a Democrat but have since decided I'm a member of the national party of Becky if your not an idiot and you would like to join especially if your a Becky come on over membership is free.
8. I love my family all 2.9 million of them except for about 3 or 4  really stupid members here and there that have been kicked out over the years. And those I still love I just really don't like them.
9. I'm really good at being bitchy, but I always feel really bad about it later.... I don't always do anything about it but I still feel bad
10. I carry guilt for a really long time, even over ridiculously small and petty stuff other people forget
11. I love blank paper, especially notebooks, I have this weird obsession with it, I always wanted to be a writer, I'm not very good but hey a girl can dream, but I just love what a blank notebook represents, the possibilities of what it can be filled with, the stories.
12. I want to be rich and liked but not so much famous, I don't really do well in front of large crowds.
13. I love raw cabbage, I know weird, whatev
14. My daughters name was supposed to be Francesca Marie, The husband nixed it because he hates his name and thinks it's to long, if she was a boy she was going to be Roger Dale after my daddy, that's not the boys name
15. The boy's name was supposed to be Dante Michael or Natalia Lily if he was a girl he wasn't a girl but neither is he Dante.
16. I'm easily distracted by really stupid  random things like  this website, I kill me
17. I was born and raised in the Mitten, but I dream of moving to warmer climes one day, maybe when I win the lotto I sometimes remember to buy tickets for
18. I like to dream about what I'd do if I won the lotto, even though I frequently forget to play the lotto
19. I love guns, I own several, and I know how to shoot them. Although it's been awhile since I've been to target practice, anyone feel like playing target to see if I'm still any good?
20. My husband is convinced I descend from a long line of sailors and truck drivers due to my incessant need to cuss. I can't help that I have a colorful vocabulary, and we already established what my worlds most favorite word is so the rest of the swearing should really come as no surprise.
21. Depending on the day I am either positive I am my fathers dumbest child or positive I was the most brilliant of his swimmers.
22. I am the child of a recovered/ing drug addict who is also the child of a drug addict, who is the child of an alcoholic, are you seeing a pattern here? I quit digging after 3 generations of addiction it got way to depressing to see what I was up against. Needless to say I struggle everyday not to fall into that black hole because once I do I don't think there will be any saving me.
23. I lost my father when I was 17 and have never really been the same since, a part of me broke the day he died and I don't think it can ever be fixed. In fact 13 years later I know that it can't.
24. I actually adore my Mother in law~ go ahead be jealous
25. I had plastic surgery when I was 23 if you can guess what it was I'll tell you if your right
26. I'm a descendant of Robert E. Lee
27. My dad's side of the family is all very southern, while my moms side is decidedly Yankee (could explain why I'm a love child)
28. I believe the makers of the 24 hour kids channel formerly known as Noggin are fucking geniuses and I owe them large for helping me keep large chunks of my sanity
29. I've only been reading blogs for about 6 months but my absolute fave is Aunt Becky she's also my new idol
30. I actually wanted to name my blog mommy needs a xanax but I felt it was ripping off Aunt Becky a little bit, so I went with the next random thing that popped into my head
31. I'm horrible with my personal finances but my genius husband keeps leaving me in charge of them, however I can tell anyone else exactly what they need to do to get there shit in order and be right on the money every time go figure
32. I have 2 beautiful kids and most days I'm good with that, other days I'm pretty sure I need at least 1 more, those days I clearly am off my meds
33. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2004 a condition which can cause me such extreme amounts of pain that there are days I've thought about giving myself a hysterectomy at home, by the way my spell check doesn't recognize this condition as a real word, ughh
34. I desperately want to be organized and have a clean house but most days I can't make myself bother with shuffling the pile of papers all over from one place to another
35. I truly love my husband with every fiber of my being but there are days I wish he would go on a really long vacation without me so I could just catch a little bit of a break, I think it has something to do with the fact that we've seriously spent everyday of the last 12 years together except for a 4 day hunting trip he took in 2002, and a 5 day Florida trip I took the same year (note the trip I took was with a 3 month old so it wasn't even a real vacation) I think a little break from each other would do us both a world of good
36. I've finally decided what I want to be when I grow up, now I just have to get my but enrolled in school....oh yea I decided I want to go into teaching but only early education like Kindergarten to say third grade absolutely no teenagers I'd end up in jail for bitch slapping a mouthy student
37. I have a truly sick obsession with shoes, to the point I joined a shoe of the month club don't believe me check this out
38. I currently have 3 tattoos a butterfly for my daughter, a Irish Triquetra for my sisters and my dad, and and Irish claddagh for my husband, I'm currently trying to figure out what my fourth and probably last one will be for my son and where it's going
39. I love scrapbooking even though I never seem to have time for it anymore
40. I can also crochet a pretty mean baby blanket or Romanian Flag blanket (king sized thank you very much)  as long as you don't mind it being one of the 3 stitches I actually know
41. I love to read and if I pick up a book I actually like you might as well find something to do for the next several hours that doesn't involve speaking to me because interrupting my reading time annoys the bejeezus out of me
42. I love anything to do with vampires except for maybe those weird people who insist they're vamps and want to run around sucking each others blood and performing ritualistic sacrifices, they're just effin creepy, and sparkly vamps I like my vamps undead not all diamond in the sun
43. If it weren't for Scentsy flameless wickless candles I'd never be able to burn candles in my house. Ever since his first birthday my son insists upon blowing them out and making a wish
44. I desperately want a tummy tuck, so that answers some of those previous what plastic surgery did you have questions, but I'm waiting till I have enough money and till we decide if another rugrat is on our to do list
45. I have an unnatural obsession with lists, to the point that I will make a list of lists I need to make, I'm a sick, sick woman
46. My all time favorite car in the whole world is a 77 Special Edition Trans Am, my dad had one and I would sell my kidney to get my hands on that car especially if I could track down his
47. I love to make craft type things and dream of having my own hand made gift type business one day but I never feel like what I create is good enough
48. I'm probably my own worst critic when it comes to everything
49. Purple is the best color ever strangely enough I have like no clothing in this color
50.I have a sick, sick obsession with reality tv shows not all of them just the really trashy ones Jersey Shore,RHONJ, Bridalplasty is a new fave oh and lets not forget Sisterwives
51. I find polygomy kind of interesting and see nothing wrong with it if all parties are in agreement and no pedophilia is going on, Hell I probably wouldn't mind having a couple sister wives to share all the work it's just the sharing the hubs part I would have a problem with. Let's be honest I'd probably cut a bitch if she tried touching my man
52. Until I was 8 my paternal grandparents shared joint custody of me with my mom, which is probably one of the reasons they were such a big influence on my life, but I loved them just because they were awesome.
53.I can memorize a credit card number, phone number, social security number etc. in like 2 minutes and recite it to you 5 years later out of the blue. ( The hubs hates the credit card trick)
54. My paternal grandmother was and is still my hero and I hope to be even just a little bit like her, also I called her mommy-grandma until I was like 6 may have something to do with #52
55. I have a different sort of view on the whole god and religion thing. I 100% believe in god and heaven but I don't believe that any 1 religion has it 100% correct therefore I don't follow any. I have my own relationship with god in my own way, I totally respect everyone elses views and relationships with god all I ask is that they respect mine and don't try to push their views on me. ( I really hate that)
56. Unless I'm doing my hair (curling, straighting, etc.) I can be ready in 10 to 15 minutes usually faster than the hubs
57. The hubs works for one of the Big 3 (the one that didn't take govt $ and is actually making a profit) so yes I'm all about the union and buying American, and totally against foreign cars to the point that no matter how much I like or love you your not allowed to park them in my driveway (if this offends you sorry but I know which side my bread is buttered on)
58. I also love my hubs big truck yes it's a gas guzzeler but I still love Dirty Girl she's not afraid of any job you throw at her and she always gets the job done, plus she can push all those little shoe box cars outta my way
59. I swore I'd never drive a mini van, I've had Mini for a little over a year now and of all the cars I've had she's one of my faves
60. Yes I name my vehicles, and my firearms
61. As I've gotten older my sweet tooth has actually gotten less sweet, I still have sweet cravings from time to time but for the most part I can do with out
62. My first real job was as a bagger at Kroger
63. Speaking of jobs I'm probably the only person on earth that is ineligable for rehire at K-Mart
64. The hubs and I were married when the girl was 6 months old, during the father daughter dance I danced with my poppy (my moms ex) and the hubs danced/carried our baby girl around to Aerosmiths I don't want to miss a thing
65. My favorite flowers are Lilys and Hiabiscus
66. As far as I'm concerned the best movie ever is The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
67. I've never looked my age, when I was young I looked older and now that I'm older I look younger and I'm so ok with this, hope it lasts
68. I looovvee Monster Assault energy drinks
69. I screen all my phone calls, if the # is restricted, blocked, unknown or I just don't know it I won't answer it, so if they want to get ahold of me they better leave a message or they're never getting through
70. I have a crazy fear of bills even when I know the moneys there to pay them and they're not behind I get all sick to my stomach when they come and I don't want to open them. There's probably a name for this but I can't find it
71. Teenagers today scare and puzzle me
72. I didn't know how to use the internet until I was 18 and then everything I learned I've taught myself
73. I throw amazing parties, and really should get paid for them ( that's not ego talking that's taking pride in a job well done)
74. I make hand made candy every year for Halloween and now the kids friends start begging for it months before Halloween
75. I love music all kinds but I find myself drawn more and more to country these days
76. My name was supposed to be Kristina Marie my mom had it on the birth certificate and everything, then my dad came in and said uh uh Rebecca Lynn so it was changed. Also how cool my daddy named me
77. My first car was an 85 Mercury Grand Marquis, I called it my Land Yacht (I told you I name my vehicles) I was only 5 years older than my car
78. My second car was a 1998 Ford Ranger, it was a stick shift, I didn't know how to drive it when I bought it and couldn't drive it off the lot
79. I love taking pictures and somehow manage to get a new camera every 2 years or so, this makes me very happy ;-D
80. Black is my second favorite color at least when it comes to my wardrobe
81. I'm a pretty good baker if I do say so myself for being self taught.
82. I'm not to shabby in the cooking department either, I don't really like to do it unless I'm in a certain mood but I'm pretty good at it.
83. The hubs, myself and the boy our youngest all have brown eyes, the girl our oldest has blue/hazel apparently it's recessive
84.  I like my baked potatoes to be baked with out the peel and lots of butter
85. I absolutely hate am terrified of millipedes/centipedes , they're just f@$king creepy with all those damn legs, it's not natural
86. Decisions stress me out like mental break down stress depending on the level and gravity of  said decision
87. Karaoke singing scares the shit out of me, this is why you'll never find me at the bar on karaoke night
88. I collect shot glasses from everywhere I've been and everywhere people I know have been
89. I think fried okra with mashed potatoes and biscuits may be some of the best foods on earth
90. I love Bingo but the hubs made me stop going all the time
91. The only sport I ever paticipated in was Track in the 6th grade, I wasn't much for sports, or clubs
92. I'm a Taurus and though my horoscope isn't always right my sign describes me pretty well
93. My birthday is Cinco de Mayo which pretty much rocks if you can get to Mexican town cause it's a big ol party all day long
94. I'm the only one in my house that doesn't at least understand the Romanian language, all but my daughter can speak it
95. If I tell my husband somethings going to happen and he doesn't listen to me it always happens.
96. I love video games especially Mario for the Wii
97. People with no common sense drive me insane
98. I don't know what my IQ  or Blood type is I should probably find out at least the latter of the two
99. I adore finding the perfect gift for someone and then getting to watch them open it and knowing they love what you found them. That can be so much better than receiving anything else in return.
100. When I was little I wanted to be the first Ballerina, teacher, waitress, astronaut all at once (I was5)

There you have it my boring list of 100 things :-D

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