Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The princess hits double digits

10 years ago on this date I was in full on labor with my first child. The princess was born on February 16th at 2:52p.m. after 25 1/2 hours of excruciating labor. I've written about that before so I won't go into all the details again.

Tomorrow morning when my beautiful baby girl wakes up she will be 10 years old, double digits y'all that's crazy. I've officially been in possession of this most precious of gifts for a decade. (I'm feeling really old right now) So when my girl wakes up in the morning we will sing to her and smother her in hugs and kisses, and give her the second of her outrageous gifts. We may have spoiled her a bit this year. Today we gave her the first of her gifts which was her new 22' flat screen tv with a built in dvd, tomorrow she gets her new ipod nano. I won't apologize for being a tad bit excessive though, both of my kids are gifts I'm lucky to have and I want to give them the world, seeing as that's not possible I do what I can. Also she's a damn amazing kid. I won't begin to pretend she's perfect but like the songs says She's close enough to perfect for me.

I count my blessings everyday for what a wonderful kid she truly is, she has her moments of little miss sassy pants, but she tries hard to help me out as much as she can, she does what she's told most of the time, she doesn't yell or throw tantrums like I've seen so many kids her age do, she has a heart of pure gold and would give the shirt off her back if someone was in need. I'll take some of the credit for her good behavior, we all know parenting plays a part. But to be honest the majority is just who she is. She's just a wonderful soul, that's full of life and love that shines on everyone who has the opportunity to have her in their life.

So yea we spoiled her a bit, were also having a party for her this weekend nothing over the top there. Just a party at home with family and friends, food, cake and ice cream. Oh and how could I possibly forget the sleepover. It won't be the first by any means but it is the first time I didn't limit the number of overnight guests. I really have no idea how many little girls I will be hosting all night, but it should be interesting. The party itself is Smurf themed but the sleepover will be spa night. Yes folks I may have finally gone over the edge and lost what was left of my mind. But the girl, she's looking forward to it so a good time will be had, even if it kills this mama. I do think Xanax may be in order by time the night is over, please wish me luck.

For now though I just want to tell my beautiful girl how much I love her and wish her the happiest of Birthdays <3