Sunday, January 29, 2012

The closing of a chapter

Tomorrow marks the closing of a chapter in mine and my families lives. We've known for almost a year this was coming and for the most part were all ok with it, the hubs and myself are even relieved it will finally be over. Tomorrow we sign the closing papers on our old house and it is officially another young woman's new home. Her first new home at that. I have to admit that makes me feel well kinda good. That house was our first home.

We bought it when I was about 7 months pregnant with my daughter who is about to be 10 in just a few short weeks. We planned our wedding surrounded by those walls, we cried over the loss of a pregnancy, we rejoiced over the conception and birth of our son, we fought, we loved, we had many family gatherings. It was a wonderful first home to us even if the bank wasn't so wonderful, the memories of that house will always be with us, cherished reminders of our first decade as a family.

Leaving it has been both easy and hard. Easy because we had plenty of time to get use to the idea, not to mention our new home is also mine and the husbands old home. We moved back to the house we lived in with my in-laws before we bought our own house. Only now the new house is remodeled to our standards and the in-laws have all moved on to different lives. But I think moving to a house we all know so well has made it easier. It's also been hard more for the kids but emotionally for us as well. This is the only home my babies ever knew, and as I said this was our first home. We picked every piece of carpet out, painted every wall, laid tile and marble ourselves. Not to mention I'm giving up some truly amazing neighbors, whom I will miss desperatly, hell I already do. Miss R from next door who moved in after her just as amazing grandmother passed away. You just don't find them like her, or Miss C from across the street with her beautiful backyard garden who always had an ear and a shoulder to offer. Or the great school moms that were within walking distance, and were always there for one another. I will miss all of them, thankfully I have Facebook to keep in touch, but we all know it'll never be quite the same.

The other really hard thing about this move will be the transferring of schools next school year. I refuse to pull my kids in the middle of the year, but next year I have no choice I just can't keep up the 20 minute drives one way 5x a week. That makes me as sad as it does my daughter. She's been there since kindergarten and next year would be her final year there. We've both invested a lot of time in that school, a new school is as scary a concept for me as it is to her. I love volunteering and being a part of the school, now just like the kids I have to meet new teachers, new staff and try to make new mom friends. Honestly I'm freaking out a little.

But tomorrow it's time to close this chapter in our lives. The home we've all known for so long will be someone else's. It will be her turn to make it hers, paint the walls, put in new carpet, re-tile floors, and begin making her own memories. I wish her all the luck in the world and I hope she finds much happiness there as we once did. May the closing of this chapter in our lives be the beginning of even better chapters for everyone involved.