Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Karma always get's the last laugh

For years I've always said karma is a great thing, and I'll admit even taken pleasure in watching people get whats coming to them, good or bad. This morning it showed it's wonderful self yet again.

I have these family members (and I use the term family members loosely) that have caused nothing but drama, stress, and heartache for myself and numerous others that are dear to me for years. For the last year and a half  I have  watched as their immediate family has slowly crumbled all by their own doing.

See they have 4 daughters 3 of whom I've become very close to and probably always would have been if they would have encouraged it the way normal families do, instead of doing everything in their power to keep us all apart and make me out to be a monster. The oldest daughter defected a few years ago, and after a short time her and I found our way back to each other and formed a relationship that is pretty much unbreakable. About 2 years ago I reached out to the second oldest (who at one time was a very sweet person) and was rebuffed in a pretty venomous way. After that I pretty much gave up hope for the other 2. Untill about 6 months later  when one after the other they both chose to leave that part of their family. I never encouraged this, but I can't say after learning about the way they were treated I blame them. We all got to know each other and truly became a family. Sadly their parents and one sibling are not a part of this, that was the choice they made by treating all of us so badly for so long.

Although you'd think that losing 3 daughters out of 4 would be a big enough Karmic kick in the butt to wake someone up and realize maybe I've messed up somewhere, nope they continued to bad mouth everyone and went as far as to tell people the daughters were bad. The sister that was left even went along with this, and they all continued to blame everyone else for all the problems that have befallen their family.

Then this morning after all the nastiness the final coup, that one daughter  they have left has ended up pregnant before marriage!

So what you may say, and I agree it happens. Heck it happened to me. But there's where karma comes in. For 1. they are very religious and are very much against sex before marriage and for 2. when I was 21 I found I was pregnant with my first child, by my then boyfriend of 3 years. The father of this unmarried pregnant girl went around telling anyone who would listen I purposely got pregnant to trap the father in marriage. Not the case, although we did end up married a few months after our beautiful little girl was born and are still happily married with another child 9 years later.

Now his daughter is pregnant and hurrying down the aisle to alter before her child is born, less than a year after being with the father. Do I believe she's trying to trap the father into marriage? I have no idea but I'm surely not going to run around telling people that even if I did think it. Do I think she's committed a sin by becoming pregnant before marriage? No I don't but I know her parents do, and wonder if they are going to treat her as shabbily as the treated me?

These people have judged me and everyone else for as long as I can remember believing themselves better than everyone, holding their religion and righteousness above all of us and now look where Karma has left them. Does all that holier than thou keep them warm and cozy at night?

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