Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly ramblings

~The hubs worked on a buddies Mustang the other day and when he was finished he had to drop it off at work for the guy. I haven't driven a really nice Mustang like that since before the hubs sold his a few years ago so he let me drive it. The whole time it took everything I had to behave and drive like a responsible adult, especially with that damn voice in my head chanting "Drive it like you stole it, drive it like you stole it" over and over. I didn't but man did I want to. He's lucky we didn't have to take the freeway or I totally would have given in to the voice. I still keep dreaming about that damn car, now I feel the undeniable urge to steal it.

~After dropping off his buddies Mustang the hubs stopped to talk for a minute while I went to park, as I drove by I heard someone ask him if that was his daughter driving. I laughed a lot. Hubs is 32 in a couple weeks & I just turned 31. That's just funny. I asked him later about it, he said the guy thought I must be his daughter because he thought his wife was fat and ugly. Now I'm wondering what the hell the hubs says about me at work. It's driving me a little nutty wondering. 

~The last few weeks at the new house have been spent on cleaning out anything that's garbage, needs to go to the garage sale, or does not belong to someone in my immediate family or my MIL or BIL., and peeling wall paper. Lots of wallpaper, some of it painted over. For the love of all that is holy if you have wallpaper you don't like and you decide you want to paint, scrape that crap off first. You or the future owners of the house will appreciate it in the future. Besides I'm pretty sure it's like bad house juju to paint over wallpaper, or at least it should be.

~The princess is so cute the hubs and I are getting new phones and I told her I was adding her pick up and go phone onto our contract because it was cheaper. She say's "well since your getting a new one you can just give me your old one, I don't want a junky old flip phone anymore" Right darling daughter because a 9 year old who only uses their phone for emergencies and to call mom for a  ride or to say good night needs and Android 2, with a $50 a month data package. I think not lovely. Next thing I know the 4 y/o will be demanding a phone too. Sheesh.

~About those new phones I had to go to the Verizon store to get the hubs a new one since his well is useless, can't even shut his alarm off now the screen is so cracked and he's way over due for an upgrade anyway. So I go in expecting to have to deal with another airhead (the last 3 times I've been there the chicks I've dealt with have been 27 grams short of a pound) but yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by Ed he was spectacular. He understood what I was telling him about my account (that one of the previous airheads totally screwed up) the first time and was able to help me right away and he hooked me up with a free phone on top of the hubs new one so yay for once I didn't leave confused or angry by what just happened. He even let me know when he'd be in so I could bring the phones back in so he could transfer all our stuff over. Ed is my new bff at the Verizon store. I'm totally calling ahead from now on to make sure he's in.

~ I've learned that staring at things does not suddenly make what you want to happen. EX: staring into the freezer will not make the last ice cream cone reappear after someone and theived it, nor will staring at my humongous pile of dirty clothes or dishes make them wash themselves. I find this to be ridiculous. Also I want that damn magic wand I was promised in a dream.

~It occurred to me yesterday that there's only 4 more weeks left of summer vacation, this both saddened me and made me want to dance a jig. I'm sad because the sooner school starts the sooner the leaves will fall and the awful 4 letter word will come, I want to run around dancing like a crazy person because this mama needs a break from her kids. (I'm not the only on right)

~While most people I know are whining about the amazing amount of sweat inducing heat we've had this summer, I've for the most part reveled in it. I can not abide by the cold. In fact I take great issue with my parents producing me in such and arctic wasteland. I think I should become a snow bird now even though the hubs and I are no where near retirement age. Don't get me wrong I love the Mitten for about 4 months out of the year, sometimes 5.