Monday, November 1, 2010

~Sisters~ My best friends by birth and choice

Over the last 30 years many people have come and gone from my life. Some have been amazing and some I was grateful when they departed and moved on to the next one. Some of the most amazing have continued to linger, those ones make me happy and have been there for me when I needed them and I've been there for them.

But 2 of the most amazing wonderful women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing entered my life 22 years and 20 years ago. On June 30th 1988 my beautiful, crazy,full of life little sister Mel was born. Little did I know the day she and I were first introduced how much more than just a baby sister she would one day be to me. Then a little less than 2 years later February 2, 1990 to be exact my Megs was born and I remember that day like it was yesterday.I was over joyed when I got to meet this cute, chubby pink bundle that was our new baby sister.

I was the oldest and growing up there were times they drove me absolutely bat shit crazy, but that's what little sisters are for right. To get into your room and tear up your stuff, mess with your make up and spy on you so they can run back and scream at the top of their lungs "Daddy, daddy Becky's kissing a boy"(yes that happened) But those are all trivial little kid things that you learn to expect and get through. Besides I'm sure if you ask them they have stories of me embarrassing them.

Where I'm going with this is how important these sisters of mine are today. When I was 17 we lost our father after a very short battle with cancer. At the time I lived with my mom and they lived with theirs. But my step mom had been a part of my life since I was 2 and aside from my rebellious teen bs we were close, so seeing my sisters and having them in my life was never an issue. I still got to watch them grow up, we still had holidays together, when my daughter was born mom and Megs were both at the hospital to see us and both the girls stood up in my wedding that summer. The loss of our father may have made us hold onto each other a little tighter I don't really know but we became very close. Each in our own way. My relationship with Mel is completely different than the one I have with Meg but don't ever ask me to pick a favorite I'd rather punch you in the face. I love them both equally, just for who they are.

Today Mel is 22 and a hard working college student, when she's not at school she's at work, and when she's not doing one of the first 2 she's helping one of us. She will do just about anything for those of us she love's I know cause shes been here helping me throw my kids crazy Halloween party all week. She can be abrasive and hard to handle, but she's also one of the most honest, caring, and loving people I know. If I need her she's right there in a second no questions asked, she's the keeper of my secrets, the helper of all my crazy family get togethers, and one of the best friends I've ever had. I love her with all my heart and know no matter what happens in life she'll never turn her back on me.

Meg is 20 now and a mother herself to my amazingly beautiful nephew Hunter. She works and takes care of her now on the move almost 7 month old son and like Mel when she's not busy with her own life she's busy with the rest of ours. She's hit a bit of a rough patch in her personal life (which I won't get into as that's her story to tell) but she never lets her own problems keep her from being there for me and my kids. She's seriously has a heart of pure gold and I think I may one day have to commit a felony because someone is breaking that precious heart. Like Mel, Meg and I have our secrets and I know if it came down to it this wonderful woman would take a bullet for me.(Not that I would let her, my nephew needs her) but just knowing I have the kind of love and devotion get from her is enough to make me feel amazing.

My life not all sunshine and roses, like anyones really is but with sisters like mine who turned out to not just be family but some of the truest,closest friends I've ever had I can defiantly see the rainbow after the storm. I love these ladies with all my heart and soul and next to my own children and husband they are the most important people in my life. I thank god every day for placing these two angels in my life. They truly are my sisters by birth and friends by choice, and I couldn't ask for better.

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