Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frank ~A.K.A The Husband~

Carrying on with my November list of thankful is why I'm thankful for Frank also known as "The Husband".

I'm thankful for this man for so many reasons, let me count the ways.....

I started to tell the story of how we met and made it to where we are today but in all honestly that would be a freaking novel. So let me just give the basics. I've been with Frank for almost 13 years and married 8 and a half. I know it sounds so cliche but I truly believe he's my soul mate.

We have 2 beautiful children our daughter is 8 almost 9. We had been together over 3 years when I found out I was pregnant with her, we lived with his parents at the time.We had been looking for a house for awhile but the minute we found out about her we doubled our efforts to find a home of our own. I knew I didn't want to have our child while living in his parents basement and Frank did anything and everything he could to make sure I didn't have to. 2 months before she was born we signed the papers and moved into our new place. During  my pregnancy I had a few complications and he was always right there taking care of me. When the day came and I went into labor he was right there with me every second in the hospital, even though he was on midnights at the time and hadn't slept he stayed with me, and when it turned into an emergency c-section it was him that was next to me in that operating room. Never leaving my side till he knew both myself and our daughter were ok, then he only left long enough to catch a couple hours of sleep, take a shower and bring me back my bag of stuff. When we came home a few days later he took care of both of us and he took to being a father like he was born for just that job.

Two years later when I was diagnosed with endometriosis after months of pain he was the one who helped me on my bad days. When the doctor told me if we wanted more kids we needed to start trying asap he was ready to step up to the plate and when month after month it didn't happen he was the one who got me through it and helped me keep my sanity. After almost a year of trying we found out we were finally pregnant and both of us were ecstatic. Everything was going well at my 3 month check up then at my 4 month check up there was no heart beat, I had what they call a missed miscarriage. I was crushed, I know he was too, but he kept it together and got me through the D&C the next day and managed to keep me from diving head first into the pit of despair I was feeling. Without him I never could have survived that or the next 2 years that followed. After the miscarriage and the 3 months of healing I was ok'd to try again it took another year before I got pregnant and this time I made it the whole 9 months and after a scheduled cesarean I had a beautiful baby boy who is just shy of 4 years old today.

Frank has turned out to be one of the most amazing fathers a woman could ever want for her children. He doesn't go out with the boys, he doesn't waste money, he isn't a drinker. He's just a great guy who loves his kids and wants nothing more than to spend every free moment with them.

When it comes to me I'd swear the man is damn near a saint to put up with my crazy ass, I'm by far not the easiest person on earth to deal with. I've done some completely shitty and retarded things since we've been together, and it seems like I make the same stupid mistakes over, and over. But this man loves me enough to stay by my side and keep having faith in me that I'll get it right this time.

So for all these things and so many, many more I'm thankful for Frank the love of my life.

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