Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'll love them even if they're gay

I read a blog this morning that got me thinking about what I would do if one of my children came home and told me they were gay.It's something I've thought about before, and even discussed a little bit with the hubs.

But after reading some of the stories in the news about a certain not so nice church group whose name I won't mention because that's what they want and reading this lovely blog it got me thinking some more.

How would I really respond if my beloved son walked in the door and said "Mom this is Mark, he's my boyfriend and I love him". I think I would have no problem embracing my son, telling him how much I love him and letting him know that he is who he is and no matter who he loves, none of that will change how I feel about him. Same goes for my daughter. She's a little older and already talking about boys so I don't really think there's much chance of her bringing a girlfriend home, while my son is only 4 and still thinks girls are icky and not anywhere near the stage where dating is on his radar. But you never know it's still awfully early in the game for both of them, and at this point they don't know who they are so I'm sure as hell not going to try and figure out what their sexuality may be in the distant future.

I can't say I don't have hope that they'll both be straight, and go on to live what most of us consider normal lives. But not because I see anything wrong with being gay or even because I think the lives of homosexuals are abnormal. But because I know how hard it can be for them. I want nothing but the best for my kids, I want them to lead long, happy successful and productive lives. If in the end they lead those lives as homosexuals that really is fine with me, and I will do everything in my power to make sure those lives are just as long, happy and productive as if they were straight. Because at the end of the day their sexuality wasn't a choice they made, it's who they are just as much as their Italian/Romanian/Irish heritage. I'll never stand by and let someone put my children down or make them feel less than for being who they are. Be it over the color of their skin, their culture, or sexuality.

If the day comes that one of these beautiful vibrant souls, that I gave life to comes to me and says I'm gay I will embrace them just like any other day and love them just the same. My only hope is that they find someone worthy of them regardless of their sex, race, or religion.